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Matrix N00b Guide V1.0
« on: April 17, 2003, 07:02:00 PM »

I am using the WINLPC.exe prog...and when I flash my bios, it don't work or it stops after few seconds and never end...please help!


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Matrix N00b Guide V1.0
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2003, 08:17:00 PM »

Does the matrix chip work with all xbox version?  And how do I find out what release xbox I have?  Is it true that 1.2 you will need to solder?  TIA


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Matrix N00b Guide V1.0
« Reply #2 on: October 26, 2002, 07:44:00 AM »

by KrAzY

Up-to-date (Written) as of:
October 25, 2002

Hey all,
Im KrAzY. Ill be your guide for today. Please keep your hands and feet inside of the vehicle at all times. Today, I shall help you troubleshoot the infamous Matrix chip aka Xodus. Recently, I installed a Matrix and a new 120gb hard drive. I decided to give pointers to other n00bs who are lost and need help. Basically, this is a compilation of 95% the info I needed and used to install my chip. I will try to make this guide in a somewhat chronological order. Here we go...

Welcome to annoyance numero uno. First off, you need a BRAND NEW 9V battery. Very important that its brand new. Now of course, you can try to use an old one but there is a slim chance it will work and will probably cause you to believe there is a problem elsewhere. To get this in, I tried to take the notches on the top of the battery and line them up where they are suposed to go while holding the battery at a tilt outside of the plastic battery housing. Once you get it semi-aligned try to hold it there (I believe it is electromagnetic or has some kinda of magnetic force so try and keep it in place as best as can). Now try to push it down and in (towards the battery prog... hook.. things). Its hard and you will prolly have to use some force.

Now, the Matrix uses 256k bioses NOT 1MB... go here to see how to split whatever bios you have
Its best to get a blue bios because you can tell later on if its working.

If you are using DOS to flash it, stop now. Go to and download WinLPC. This makes the process much easier. If it wont connect, try another computer. I know I know. I dont really have alot of info on this as I had a laptop near by that worked right away so there was no point in finding info in the subject.

-Do NOT use a cable and attach your programmer to the Xodus while it is installed in the system, it will fry the programmer! Always remove it.

-Always plug the mod into the programmer before plugging it into your pc, it could damage the programmer/mod.

-Also, when installing it in your system, make sure its in mode 1 (off/testing mode) otherwise you can potentialy fry your system.

If your XBOX is blinking red and green or other colors, you MUST...
A.) Reflash
B.) Be sure its in mode 2 or 4 and not 1

mode doesnt matter when flashing

Go to and download the manual. Dont worry about the videos. This is a great manual and is very self-explanitory.

When your installing, be careful not to stip the screw. On some xboxs its relativly easy to do so and others not.

If you strip the screw, just use another screw. Make it a wider screw (diameter-wise) Doesnt need to be a torx, anything that will fit in the hole. Just screw the sucker down in there and whatever is down there (I think mobo, metal, and plastic in that order) will have to accomodate for the new screw size and threads laugh.gif

Plug the power in, turn it on and do the following:
1.) Make sure its in Mode 1.
2.) Screw it in down medium. Enough so that it will move if you push it and the red (or hopefully green!) light stay on.
3.) Move it around. Dont worry about breaking the mobo, just dont turn it 180 degrees and dont sit on it laugh.gif
4.) Try to also push on the end of the chip (the "top" part with the lonely pogo pin) because that helped me GREATLY. If you move it around near the base, then its very hard to find the 1/3 cm g-spot. The pogo pin at the top will help you find it MUCH BETTER if you push it down a lil. I think I just used the pogo pin at the top to push down and move it around to find the spot.
Sidenote: Dont be scared of getting shocked or frying anything. Just watch for the nvidia gfx chip because it gets hot and dont lick anything (especially on the right side of your xbox)
5.) ok, you found it! now, try and take one hand off and keeping it green. if you take a hand off and it turns red, keep it off use ur other hand to align it right again. grab the screwdriver and SLOWLY screw it down. if it turns red STOP! move it around until its green again (dont worry about when it gets tight, you wont hurt nuthin) and then resume once its green. when its nice and tight, wiggle it a lil (dont try to actually move it, just see if it will turn red if u flick it or somethin)
6.) Turn it to either Mode 2 or Mode 4. Mode 4 lets you upgrade your BIOS from CD. Mode 2 is just regular boot from bios on chip. I use mode 2 as im nice and cozy with the bios i have now.

Dont worry about soldering and that crap, I had no problem with mine.

For some people, they needed to change the printer port to another mode, search around for that one.

I dont know how to custom set WinLPC if it dont work as it came out after I flashed my chip

Burning an ISO/Getting Media to Work

^Go there!^

Get the following (and only use the following):
1.) xISO -
2.) PrimoDVD -

Now see I never had the need for a dummy file, dont worry about that crap.

ONLY USE xISO! The other ISO util never worked for me (on the same media, xISO worked the other ISO util didnt)

TDK, Sony, a few others worked for me.

Make sure to FULLY delete it and then burn it on a FULLY deleted cd.

Philips Peeps: Dont worry about that CD-R trick, it doesnt work (not for me atleast)

Also, dont worry about pot tweaking, Im gonna just show you how to install it on the hard drive so you wont ever need CDs again. You dont need to go to that far to get EvoX to work.

Burn only at 2x



Now that EvoX is working, we wanna put it on our hard drive...

Go here and just set the TCP/IP and other settings like so:

Now connect with whatever method you use. I have 56k so I bought a LAN card and used a crossover cable.

Once you got it working, go to your favorite FTP client and connect to

Go to the C folder and rename xboxdash.xbe to msxboxdash.xbe. Copy everything from the D folder over to the C folder. Now rename evox.xbe to xboxdash.xbe (under C:). Easy as cake! Now take your CD out and reboot into EvoX

NOTE: You cannot change settings when booting from CD. When you run from hard drive you can change settings and save it.

Apps and AutoLaunching
If youre letting M$ take you to the movies, let em, attach the dongle and edit your evox.ini to say AutoLaunchDVD=Yes and make DVDPlayer=c:\msxboxdash.xbe


I wont go into these apps (c'mon, ive got everything else) but I will tell you how to install them....
1.) Go to your F drive
2.) Make a folder called "applications" (without the "s) (this MUST be applications because evox auto detects everything in here)
3.) Make a folder as the name of your program
4.) Copy your program files into that folder
5.) It should auto run from EvoX

For games, you must make a "games" folder under the F drive.
Sidenote: Its usually best to delete "xdemos" or whatever other demo folder you find when ripping games. Ya dont need demos when you can rip the reals biggrin.gif

Though you might not use boXplorer often, it is good for getting rid of demo folders and other crap or just plain file management when you are ripping games.

Be nice when asking questions.

If you are installing a new hard drive, use NewHDEvox then upgrade dashboards.

If your skin isnt fitting on your tv, find the dashiniskinfixes file to fix all that mess.

#xbox-scene on efnet is a good place for help

there are other awesome apps out but I only use my xbox for copying games so that part is all up to you.

always stay with it!

if you use xbcopy, it gives folders a weird name, i usually rename them to the game via boXplorer or FTP for personal organization

if something is in ur evox.ini and isnt showing up on the evolutionx dash, make sure to take the # off of the line at the beginning. this signals it to be "commented" meaning its in there but its not visible (so maybe u can keep bits of code in there without having to have them displayed). simply: it disables these lines

Good luck on your matrix installations!!

Contact Me If You Have Any Problems:
AIM: KrAzYJosh5
If you are rude, then I will block you. I spent alot of time on this tutorial for all to enjoy. Please be nice smile.gif

If you post this somewhere else or reproduce this (except for personal use) then please let me know (either before or soon after) using the contact above.


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Matrix N00b Guide V1.0
« Reply #3 on: November 06, 2002, 02:09:00 AM »

Some extra addons for this nice but slightly incomplete guide.

Things that were noticed when personally moding xbox with matrix and newer evox bios and evolution-x dashboard.

1. If you're getting errors trying to flash your matrix from parallel port programmer try getting a clothespin or clamp to hold the matrix firmly down on the programmer (or hold it manually but that may take you a while)

2. make sure you got a good bin file to flash your matrix with (there were some fakes floating around that weren't really useful bios bins)

3. as the the nice N00b Guide v1.0 says MAKE SURE that you change the line in evox.ini that says Static IP from NO to YES (this applies if you're using hub/switch or crossover patch cable/null lan cable). Otherwise you better have some kind of dhcp server setup (router/internet sharing whatever) or you won't be able to ftp to your xbox. This should be checked BEFORE you create the bootup iso and burn your first boot up cd-rw with evolution-x dash.

4. when you ftp the new .xbe files to the xbox C folder, you will need to name the default.xbe provided by evolution-x (the one on your boot cd-rw) to evoxdash.xbe (otherwise you may get some error 16 message when trying to boot off the HD)

5. also you may need to edit and change the path's (down in the script section where it might say f:\games\invader or something like that) in evox.ini to match your xbox. In our case we had to change the f:\games and f:\applications path to be e:\apps and e:\games (you can name what you want so long as you make sure you put your apps in the right place and that the dash loads the app from the right path as in your evox.ini (our F drive was not writeable/no free space which is why we went with E) if your paths are wrong here then your load menu on the dash may not work (and you may not be able to load backup games properly)

6a. I hope this may help some of you out there that may be banging your heads against the wall to figure out why you're getting some error 16 message on trying to boot from the HD or why your games are not loading.

6b. If you're installing apps make sure your paths are correct in the xml files also. for instance xbpconfig.xml for xbmediaplayer needs to have correct info to load properly. (i'll let someone else answer this one effectively)

7. If i'm wrong about anything here please post here to help out the other newbies. thanks and have a fun time.

p.s. By the way, I  take no responsibilty for any damages, lost time, or whatever negative outcome that may occur from any of this. this is just what worked for us personally, your situation may differ. thanks krazyjosh5 for starting that nice tutorial.