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Smartxx Menu Help
« on: September 16, 2012, 08:56:00 PM »

Hi Everyone I'm not new when it comes to modded xbox's (I've had mine modded for over 7years). But it's been so long since I used my Xbox with my SmartXX that I forgot how to even use the menu of the SmartXX OS. Also I think I locked it so it auto boots and now I forgot how to unlock it. Please help me with both unlocking the auto boot and how to navigate in the OS. I'm thinking about finally upgrading my 80gb with something a lil more with the times; (ie put my massive collection of games on the HDD) And I cant with out cloning my first one.

Also I should note that I did look and saw post about pressing the power then eject when it flashes red and mine doesn't flash red anymore it just turns on counts down and boots. I used to do it all the time cause I lent it to a friend and I didn't want him messing it up and the restore it back to the usual way. But like I said it's been far to long since I used it and/or remember what or how I did it.