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Matrix Help Plz
« on: March 13, 2010, 07:53:00 PM »

well.. things have went from bad to worse here.. plz dont as me why.. but I thought maybe trying to flash some BIOS maybe would help..

Here is what Im hoping to get.. I want the easy functions of the softmod.. like eject trick, and IGR..

BUT I thought what set hard modded xboxes apart, was the ability to pop any xbox HDD in there, and it can work.. Locked or unlocked.. Is that not the case?

what is the point in having a modchip anyways...?

So, basically, when I flashed a evox bios, my xbox would boot in modded mode with a evox graphic in top right, but went to MS DASH.. So.. I couldnt get back into the modded evox.. I went and softmodded it, so I can get access back to evox easily, and flash again the matrix TSOP bios...

Once I did that...

nothing.. The box powers off, and on about 2-3 times.. powers on, but display can be seen.. just like its off, but power light, and fan is on..

This is actually for some pins installed and a larger chip is mounted on the pins.. a few small wires coming from the switch are fixed to the MoBo..

I tried to reflash some other BIOS, using evox.. now it has some error, and cant write the bios.. says something like unknown bios.. can someone please help me.. I completely have no clue about mod chips.. I just bought this thing on craigslist.. I am good at soft modding, but clueless about micro chips..

some one pleaseee help.. I know  there has to be some way to get this up and going again.. when i power up in non mode, the MS dash will come on.. but in mod mode the 2 quick power ups, and then powers on, with no screen.. please help!



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Matrix Help Plz
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2010, 02:46:00 AM »

A modchip makes it possible to install any "unlocked" harddisk in your xbox.
In your case, the harddisk from the softmodded xbox will be locked with a password specific for that xbox.
A modchip bios will launch a specific xbe on a specific location of your harddisk.
If that file doesn't exist on your harddisk, it won't work just like that.

The biggest advantage of a modchip is that it is more difficult to mess things up.
Even with a clean harddisk, a chip modded xbox can boot from a dvd.
A softmod exploits the M$dash.
If you mess up some files of the dash, you will end up with an error screen.  
In some occasions, you will need to connect the harddisk to a pc to fix things.

Chips were invented before softmods.
Also, if you are a game console shop, you will have more satisfied clients if you install a modchip,
since you can deliver a recovery disk in case things go wrong.
With a softmod, you will need to do the mod again for your customer.

I don't know the modchip in your xbox. Modern modchip's usually have multiple bios banks. You can select which bank is booted by some little switches on the modchip board. Others have a buildin recovery menu that makes it possible to reflash them. Sometimes, that get's activated by holding the power or eject button for a while. Since your chip has an external switch to disable it, I don't think it will have such a recovery menu.

The next logical step is doing research on the net for your specific type of chip to see what your recovery are in case of a bad or wrong bios flash.

Why do you want to switch the harddisk from one xbox to the other in the first place?