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Matrix Color Codes
« on: October 31, 2007, 11:33:00 AM »

It's been a long LONG time since I played with a Matrix Chip...  

I searched around for the color codes and what they mean, but couldn't find anything..

My intent is to attempt to resurrect a TSOP on a 1.1 XBOX MB (per this link: )   and here is what I did..

I programmed the MATRIX with the EvoX_MatriX_TSOP_flash.bin bios as explained in the above link.  It flashed fine..

Now, because this particular MB (and most others I work with) already have the LPC pins installed (for a DUO X2), I went ahead and replaced the POGO pins on the MATRIX with a female pin header.  I install the MATRIX on the 1.1 MB and tie the D0 line (as used with a DUO X2) to the D0 spot on the MATRIX.

Per the above link, I put the MATRIX in Mode 4 (Both DIPs OFF)...  The FRONT LED blinks and rotates colors.  GREEN, YELLOW, RED and the MATRIX's GREEN and RED LED blinks together...

Now, in MODE 3 (again, per the above link) (DIP 1 ON   DIP 2 OFF) The FRONT LED blinks and rotates colors again, but the MATRIX LEDs blink RED then GREEN, then RED, then GREEN etc etc.  Also different is that the XBOX will power off after a few seconds of this, and then power back on to repeat the sequence/cycle...

In MODE 2 (DIP 1 OFF   DIP 2 ON), the FRONT LED cycles colors again, there is no power loss and on the MATRIX LED, just the GREEN one is on and it's on solid.. No blinking..

In MODE 1 (both DIPS ON), the FRONT LED just blinks GREEN, the XBOX powers on and off and on the MATRIX, the RED LED blinks quite bright and the GREEN LED just flickers lightly...

It should be noted that on this 1.1 XBOX with the DOU X2 installed, everything works fine although one strange thing is that everything boots up fine WITHOUT the D0 line tied to GROUND. (WEIRD)  So I am guessing that the LPC connections are fine..

So, taking all of the above info, what does this tell me???

Any advice would be appreciated..