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Figured Out What Chip I Have
« on: February 20, 2007, 10:22:00 PM »

Alrighty, well, I tried the search function, but it seems horridly inoperable at the moment (I get server disconnect issues, page cannot be displayed, etc..)

I found out i have a 256k Matrix mod chip. What do I need to start changing things on it? I have an internet connection (der), and I have already (My friend showed me most of it) FTP'd the thing, so I know it works well.. Plus I use the internet radio stuff a lot along with the YouTube script..

SO what I would like to do is completely remove most, if not all, parts of the Xbox system which refer to it AS an Xbox.. (THe boot logo for example, and that weird assed animation thing..)

I'd like something simple.. Like say for example the boot up animation were like a storm brewing and then it comes out to show the letters "XBMC" with the storm still going inside the letters?

I am planning to run the xTV skin for XBMC (Am I saying this right?) because I really like how it flows with what I am trying to accomplish.. I apologize in advance if this is a dead horse topic, but I looked through the first 7 or so pages and didn't see anything about what I am looking for!