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Homebrew Software Not Loading
« on: November 27, 2006, 01:05:00 PM »

I've had a chameleon chip on my xbox for a few years now using the non-solder method.  I've had no trouble until the other day.  I took my box with me on a trip to use as a dvd player.  Well, i came back and now it wont play any homebrew software and wont book up to evolution x.  

I have the xecutor bios flashed onto my chamelon and when i boot the box it will still say xectuor at the bottom of the screen, but then goes straight to the M$ dash and wont load anything not signed my microsoft.  I've taken the chip out and it rightfully boots with the Microsoft logo at the bottom.  I put it back in and it says Xecutor but still the same problem.  Any insight would be greatly appreciated.