Author Topic: Evolution X Fix For Corrupt Cache Caused By Xbmc  (Read 673 times)


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Evolution X Fix For Corrupt Cache Caused By Xbmc
« on: September 11, 2013, 11:04:00 AM »


1. XBMC Installation fails or XBMC crashes repeatedly during usage
2. Emulators No longer Working
3. Installing either XBMC or Coinops removes your softmod functionality


Evolution X 3935 Plus 700+ Trainers

You will delete E:/Dashboard, and dump the contents in the package in the folder, where XBMC or your dashboard is installed, then perform the following below. After your finished, restart your xbox1, and then reinstall your preferred dashboard. (backup files are contained in the package only as an example, your not deleting your xbox1 harddrive or anything of the sort, your just clearing all your cache files)

1. Delete all files in your E:/TDATA folder in your xbox1
2. Delete all files in your E:/UDATA folder in your xbox1
3. Delete all files in your E:/CACHE folder in your xbox1
4. Delete all files in your X,Y,Z Drives in your xbox1

When you upgrade from one version of XMBC to a newer one, or when you upgrade Coinops or other emulators or try out different versions. They tend to displace files in your cache folders, and this can eventually stop programs from running, dashboards from booting, or hacks from working. You will lose all of your game saves when you clear the T/U Data folders, but this is necessary as you do not know where the conflicting files are located. This is why its good to make a back up once in a while between installs or upgrades.