Author Topic: Transfer Cr3 Lite And Demon To New Mobo - Near Orange County, Ca?  (Read 875 times)


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I have a Xbox Slim 250gb with a Corona v3 mobo w/postfix adapter, a CR3 Lite, and a Demon.  It worked okay for a while, but it had long glitch times, many times failing to glitch altogether.  It also started having issues powering on where it would just beep or do nothing, though it was rarely used and never moved.  Very odd, and I was advised it was probably a continuity issue.  I had a very knowledgeable guy run a continuity test on it and he can't figure it out and tells me it is likely a mobo short.  Anyway, I need to find an expert that can fix it or might be comfortable moving the setup to another unit.  Please contact me if you can help.  Thanks.