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Wannabie Xbox Pirate Sites
« on: March 18, 2005, 09:16:00 AM »

Bitchfest 2005: Wannabie Xbox Pirate Site.

(the original thread that prompted this reply is now invisible in the complaints forum and will remain so. I tire of watching people from other sites with their own agenda come here and shit on XS)

I’ve seen a lot of things in this scene over the years.. I’ve watched great sites come and go (xboxhacker) and I’ve watched others that launch, and have more ads than content. (H2Scene), while others pretend to be helpful info sites, but charge money to give premium access to warez, roms, etc (like some lame HQ site is doing)

Is there room for everyone in the scene? Sure. Why Not.

What tickles my funny bone, is when “site admins” from small rinky dink sites come to XS and expect things.

“unshitlist our site”
“why can’t I link to..”


First.. just in case people haven’t heard me say it enough.. XS doesn’t really care about your “competing” sites.

funkydopeloven - why not be able to link to the other top xbox modding site?

That HQ site with 30k members and a practically inactive forum doesn’t concern us.

By all means, enjoy your niche in the corner of the back alleys in the armpits winkles of the scene. There is room for everyone.

Now.. eventually.. some sites.. like the one hosting or linking to Roms, Warez, and XDK produced files gets shitlisted by staff here on XS. (they submit to me.. I research.. and then summarily add it to the filter)

Why? Read the acceptable posting policies on XS. [LINK TO RULES]

The rules we have here are extensive, and are broad. They need to be. We’ve been #1 and #2 at what we do for so long, we’ve grown to well over 200000 members. When we were small, had less than 5000 members things were different, spam was more or less non-existant, and assholes were few and far between. XS, is a victim of it’s own success.

We draw all kinds here.. from active chip and software dev team members, to total newcomers exploring the xbox world for the first time. All are welcome here. No separate class systems.. no separate PAY account levels, and no links to warez, roms etc.

Why no links to roms, warez, etc? Some for legalities.. some because other sites simply do pirate stuff better.  Let other sites try and be the pirate kings of the universe. If that floats their boats, they are welcome to it.

We acknowledge warez and roms are a part of the underground, hell, we even have an nfo listing service somewhere on our main page. The difference is we treat it as a news service, much like CNN reporting on crime.

Is that hypocritical? Maybe.

Do we care? No.

Our stance, has been, and will continue to be that “xbox” sites, with staff or members that want to link to their “sites” on XS will need to follow OUR acceptable posting policy. If they don’t like it, they are free to go home to their home site and roost there if it is so rosey there.

One site prompted this post, in particular.. that HQ site.

DJB - So please fix this, because I think it's totally pathetic that I can't even link to my own site.

They recently realized that in the recent weeks their site URL has been systematically removed and shitlisted on XS. Why? Links to Warez, Roms, and XDK Produced materials. They don’t like it.. and don’t approve our our policy. Too bad.

Now staff, and apparently some of their members, have taken it upon themselves to make multiple account s, using proxies, etc, to now spam XS. Fine.. we don’t expect any less from a “topsite”. Don’t be shocked though that each account eventually gets closed by XS staff.

Also don’t be shocked to find that even if you now remove the pay accounts to warez, roms, and the “ticket help system” (bs.. I stumped them.. do I get my money back?) that the shitlist remains. I don’t remove sites. It’s not worth my time. It’s not in the best interest of this site either.  

Why? I’m not a fan of liars and deceivers.

sjohn - Could you possibly link us to the supposed torrents and warez? I've been a member and admin at this site for quite a while and have missed out on this section. I would really like to know where it is. I'm guessing you guys do know where it is, being that the word is blacklisted and all.


Staff from your site claimed no such thing was on your site.. then we watch your staff backpeddle and try and justify why it was there.. then we heard comments that it isn’t there anymore blah blah blah.

bcossette - …and am dumbfounded why you would do this to us? A link would be greatly appreciated for our torrents and warez, because simply put, we have none.


Yah.. go on... No roms? Warez? or anthing there?.. eh mr bcossette? For anyone who is blind, you’ll find his name in the folders listing.. thanks for posting the roms for us.


bcossette - I mark things like this in my book as childish, and should it be a mistake, my apoligies up front, but until then this is nothing less than immature games your playing just because there are other xbox forums dedicated to hobbyists such as us.

Since you are representing your site so well..  let’s point out that there is a huge leap from a hobbiest to being a pirate, and turning your site into distro heaven for those willing to shell out 5$ for “vip” access.

I won’t hold my breath for an apology though. I’m a realist.

Now.. back to the head ringleader and his backpeddling…

DJP - All the XDK compiled stuff is not available to the public, only VIP sections.

Awesome. It’s great that people gotta go to your PAY warez site.. and pay for files that are freely accessible, and have been since this scene started. Xbins has been, and will continue to be the central hub for legitimate file distribution. People in this scene have no way of knowing if the files you host (for paying members) are unaltered, untouched, and clean)

Xbins has been, and continues to be the single best direct source for the software that drives this scene. Xbins promptly removes files that are an issue.. while some files in your “distro” are still posted. I guess when people have problems with a bios, a dashboard, etc.. the question we should ask first will be.. didk you get it from that flaky site? Or from Xbins?

This might solve many issues we see with software on the forums.

For XS members.. keep in mind the purpose of XBINS is to be the sole repository of all things xboxen.  Dev teams upload direct to the site, or pass it along to Xbins staff.  Quality assurance is guaranteed.

DJP - So, I don't see why we are only being targeted here. Please explain...

No one has targeted anything. However, you are a victim of your own little pirate success as people from there come here and spam XS with links like.. “for games, for roms.. for whatever go to.. HQ.” that got the attention of XS staff.. and then my attention. Once you get my attention it’s pretty much over.

As for your comments regarding other sites.. in time.. all will be resolved. On our schedule.. and not yours.

We removed it about a month or so ago when all the heat was on about them.

Fair enough this might not be a case of XS going after us, but I'm not so sure. Someone had to put it in the filter, and it was obviously an XS Admin.

All I want is a proper explination from either the person who blocked it, or another high-ranked member of staff to why this is happening. For your information too I am 2nd in charge of ** Links to Warez, Roms, Torrents, on a Pay Fee structure, and spams and insults XS on top of it all ** Lame Site ** so I have every right to be bitching about this. I'm not usually like this, I'm a very calm and collected person, but this is totally bullshit. I'm sure you wouldn't like it if you were me.

As you know by now.. I put the filter in place, as I do 99% of all forum filters, management, etc. The filter has been in place for awhile.. and was put in place at the height of your public pirate activities. As you are also aware, we don’t drop filters/bans etc. It’s not in our best interest, and is a waste of time.

We’ve not obligated to even consider removing the filter. I had though considered it.. until some of the children from your staff and site made their appaearance and feelings known..

DJP - We don't charge just for XBE's either, just ask any admin OR an actual VIP Member what you get with the VIP Membership, more than just XBEs that's for sure. And before you say it, no there's no hidden MP3 / Warez / Movies section on the site with a hidden BT Tracker or any crap like that.

Do you wish me to start getting some VIP members in here to say what they get in the service? Yes we do have XBEs on there but the fact of the matter is that it's all centralised, meaning ppl don't have to go on various BT Sites or FTPs to get all the stuff. n00bs and average users want the ease of getting their stuff at one location.

The fact you charge for them at all is appalling.

As for a centralized site.. note the earlier reference to #XBINS on Efnet. It’s the only allowable reference or link on XS.

If any more of your “members” spam XS with garbage, I’ll continue to close their accounts. This post was prompted by 20 HQ twits.. funny how thay had the same 5 ips though.. he-hawing about how great your site is. So I sent them an EMAIL when I banned them and recommended they stay in their neck of the woods and continue to pay 5$ for warez they can get for free.

To all HQ retards.. for fucks sake don’t pay for warez, roms, etc. Spend 5 minutes with an engine, and you’ll learn what you need to know. That’s not an endorsement.. that’s just common sense. You still want to spend 5$ after that? Go to the XS news page, and donate towards NinjaHacker defence fund. Don’t thorw it away on twits and their badly RARRED warez, appz, etc.

So.. for the ringleaders of that “renegade” nation.. DJP, funkydopeloven, bcossette and company feel free to enjoy XS.  Promote your crap site on here again, or use the PM or Forums to harass staff, or to leech members then expect to have your accounts closed. While you are at it tell your “peeps” to don’t bother making anymore accounts to spam us.

If you don’t like what was written, go home to your own site, with it’s pop up ads, and sit in your channel with 10 people and 8 ops. We’ve spent enough time on you and your site of inactive forums, 15 members online, and 1 guy awake in your channel. Tickle each other for all we care.

Let this serve as a reminder that people should read the rules/policy before posting on XS

I had more to say.. but I gotta get to work…


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