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Pulsevu2 In Ps3 Consule
« on: November 04, 2011, 09:40:00 PM »

So ive been working on my ps3 consule mod.

I know alot of people are gasping in horror at the thought of a ps3 consule being tooken apart and worked on from internal and what not.

It is a self made and cheap project thats running me sofar $67 US

I have my work log in another forum but thought of sharing my video log of a near final project.

I did ran into issue with the pulsevu2 chip i wasnt aware but am now. It is defective -.- and seems like the second RMA of the chip is also defective.

Ps3 code name: cyber skull

Since i cant embed the link to my youtube vide, ill leave it as a link

Im desiding to either buy as a replacement for the faulty chip and upgrade which doesnt have the issue "pulsevu2x" or sickmod fader chip and link it with the pulsevu2 chip that has a defect