Author Topic: Questions About Ps3 To Pc Project  (Read 253 times)


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Questions About Ps3 To Pc Project
« on: May 31, 2011, 10:47:00 AM »

Recently my Ps3 has crapped the bed so I had the idea to transform it into a htpc using pc parts. I haven't taken it apart yet as I am waiting for a friend to return my tools but I have looked online to try and figure out how much space I really have available inside the case and what I can do with it. I wasn't able to find out if I can fit a micro-atx mobo in there along with power supply possibly a low profile gpu and tv capture card. the tv capture card is going in only to use the remote that came with it other than that I don't need it. I am not positive if I def. need the gpu yet but i am going to test out the hardware later on today to make sure everything is in working order. my real concern is whether I will have room for a atx power supply in the case because there doesn't seem to be enough room in there for it. Then I thought well maybe I can use the power supply that is in the ps3 already since I know that it is small as I have seen a few pics of it.

If anyone has attempted this project before please any advice is greatly appreciated.