Author Topic: Please Help Me Identify Heat Areas On Fat Ps3  (Read 158 times)


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Please Help Me Identify Heat Areas On Fat Ps3
« on: February 22, 2011, 10:52:00 PM »

Hi all, I would really appreciate help on the below.

i am working on a cooling MOD for a fat PS3 with heating issues.
I will be removing the stock cooler + heatsink. The sony cooler is the heaviest part of all the ps3.

My idea is to place 2 pentium 4 PC CPU coolers, one on top of the PS3 CPU, and another one on top of the PS3 GPU. However i am trying to find out... what other components will need a big heatsink or cooling.

Below you will find a picture, my main concerns are

# 1 , the IO controller chip, does this chip need a heatsink? or it does not produce heat at all and no heatsink is needed?

#2 The PS2 emotion engine chip. I heard that this cheap DOES produce a lot of heat, and that it needs to be cooled down. I wonder if a PC heatsink + fan is needed for this chip, or a smaller heatsink can do the trick

#4 and #5 , not sure what are those, but do those need a heatsink too? like a memory heatsink?

#3 , of course memory, i will place memory heatsinks all over there to cool those down.

IPB Image

if you know any about this please help me out!