Author Topic: Question Regarding Should I Go Back To 3.55 Kmeaw Or Go To 4.46 Rebug  (Read 1699 times)


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So question need help here. My ps3 prior had 3.55 kmeaw firmware on it running multiman. It accidently got updated. I am downgrading it again with the E3 flasher. I have lots of games, iso's, and psn games that are patched to run on 3.55 firmware and I don't want to find different copies or Eboots to make the games work.

I don't use my PS3 for online games, or PSN network as I have a 2nd PS3 for that. Im I correct that if install kmeaw 3.55, then can install the latest rebugg and it will still play all my old patched 3.55 games and going forward I can patch to 3.55 kmeaw or simply use rebugg to play them?

Also do all games still work on 3.55 if I decide to stay there since Duplex seems to always patch with that method.

What are my advantages to going to rebug and staying on Kmeaw?

Last question I want to later get a bigger internal hard drive will I have to have it flashed with E3 flasher again or can I just swap them out.

Also will I have to reinstall all my game saves?