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I Have A Connection Question
« on: September 05, 2010, 08:12:00 AM »

Is it possible to connect the ps3 via crossover cable to my pc to use it as an access to play online?   If so how do I do it?


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I Have A Connection Question
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2011, 12:17:00 PM »

from a quick google it looks like it, just use ICS if you have windows.

Google "psn ics" or "ps network ics" or "psn crossoever setup" you should see some posts.

the best example I could find (not sure if it works but it should):

I realize this is an old thread, but it is one of the top options in Google for this issue so I thought I would add how I connected my PS3 to my PC with a crossover cable.  This guide is assuming you already have a working wired or wireless connection from your PC to your router.


I did this in Windows XP, so I can't comment on Vista as I've never been a Vista fan, but the process shouldn't be too different.


1. Plug in your crossover cable between your PS3 and PC (they don't need to be shut down)

2. On your PC, go into Control Panel -> Network Connection, right click on your Local Area Connection (or whatever connection the crossover cable is connected to) and select Properties

3. Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and then Properties

4. Select "Use the following address" and type in an unused IP address on your network.  Example:

    * IP Address: (or any other unused IP address)
    * Subnet mask: (default)
    * Default gateway: (or whatever the IP for your router is)

5. Leave the DNS Server Addresses blank (you won't be using DNS)

6. Hit ok and ok again to get back to your network connections window.

7. Click and drag with your mouse to highlight the connection that is already on the internet (in my case Wireless Network Connection) and the crossover cable connection (Local Area Network)

8. Right click and select "Bridge connections"


Now you are done with your PC settings, lets go over to the PS3.


1. Navigate to Settings -> Network settings -> Internet Connection Settings

2. Select setting method "Custom", next

3. Select "Wired Connection", next

4. Select "Auto-detect" for network device, next

5. Select  "Manual" for IP address settings, next

6. Use the following internet connection settings:

    * IP Address: (or whatever the next IP is up from your PC's crossover connection IP)
    * Subnet Mask: (default)
    * Default router: (your router's IP address)
    * Primary DNS: (it forces you to specify, so again, use your router's IP)
    * You don't need to specify a secondary DNS, next

7. MTU = Automatic, Proxy server = Do not use, UPnP = Enable

8. X button to save settings...and you're done!  You can test connection and it should all be successful.


Your PS3 is now using your PC as a gateway to the internet.  All your PS3's network traffic is going through your PC's wireless card or whatever device your PC has to the internet.  You can now stream full 1080p high definition video from your PC's media server to your PS3 without a hitch.