Author Topic: Fans Fans Fans! I Dont Need No Stinking Fans!  (Read 362 times)


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Fans Fans Fans! I Dont Need No Stinking Fans!
« on: July 01, 2011, 10:27:00 AM »

Ok so few years ago you could buy 10 packs of cooler master 80mm fans for like £20 so i bought a few packs, but now i seem to have used them all up some how and i need some more.
I have just bought my self a new mother board and cpu and was about to throw together a mame case or maybe make a central server for files on my network but i dont have any stinking fans!

I know i should have just bought a bunch of single fans by now but seriously Where the heck are these 10 packs??
I have searched all over the internet and I just cant find 10 packs any where in the uk.
This is detrimental to my creative urges. and if i cant find some fans soon im afraid that i will just throw this Mother board in to the pile with all the others and then i wont remember which one it is and theres no way im will test them all to see which ones work lol..

so for the sake of this mother board if you guys know where i can find them, Link me to the 10 pack 80mm fans that are in the uk please smile.gif "i dont care what brand they are"