Author Topic: Anyone Good With Photoshop Can Help With Putting This Logo Together  (Read 176 times)


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wondering if anyone out there a bit bored willing to do me a favor.  
Friends of mine have this site
I made the logo you see on the top of the page there.  They would like it to be different and it would take me a week google searching every step i wanted to do with gimp.
So if anyone wants to take this up i can send you the details via IM but the basics are this:

coming from the side of the "within one" should be some sort of cherry blossom branch
sort of like that but with dark brown branch and pink blossoms with dark pink centers.  less branches there though as trying to keep it thinner.  One of the branches comes up toward the "O" and then there is a large blossom on the end of it that basically is the "O".

any help?  uhh.gif