Author Topic: Flashing an original Xbox not softmodded and with broken DVD. Is it possible.  (Read 2068 times)


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I just got this original Xbox (and I had one 20 years ago, so nostalgia is there). It is a v1.0/v1.1 (NTSC). It is not modded and also the DVD (Philips VAD6011) is not working (error 11, I will send a separate post on this one to ask if I can repair this drive).

What is the best a way to hardmod (modchip or TSOP flashing) so to revive this console and play from the harddisk (original or a new one). I read quite a few forums already and pretty much all the time the console has to be either softmodded already so to benefit from a custom dashboard functionalities or the dvd drive has to be working so to used a Hexen or other DVDs. I have none of those.

I am pretty handing with a solder (Aladdin XT Plus2 modchips seems easy to get) and overall IT stuff.