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Dash Launch V3.00 (beta)
« on: May 28, 2012, 09:06:00 AM »

cOz released a new version of Dash Launch build for XDK-homebrew RGH/JTAG 360s.

What's new/fixed:
- as with V1->V2 this is a nearly complete restructure and rewrite, expect bugs
- rewrote all hooks and tasks to be unhookable/stopable
- installer can now unload any existing v3 xex and/or start dash launch without rebooting console
   - installing over v2 or installing patch updates still requires reboot
- setup exports for managing all options from external programs
- stop exception recovery from firing a new launch/bubble message more than once in a ~4s window
- add 'configapp' path, if it exists going to miniblades -> system settings will start this program
- rewrote installer a little to be marginally better
- ini category [quicklaunchbuttons] is now simply [paths]
- add 'nonetstore' option (hides network storage in disk dialogs)
- hook XexpVerifyXexHeaders and XexpLoadImage to detect retail encrypted xex with bad signature
    and fix the image key (thanks Anthony!)
- safereboot is no longer tied to fatalfreeze, reboot requests when this is set to false will be
    redirected to jtag friendly (but hard on hardware) methods
- added in glitch2 patches, restructured embedded patch sets to be a munged file instead of individual
- fixed fakelive to get past app gold check (still does not work, can't connect to server) and no longer
    try to reply to profile info requests with a hardcoded online xuid
- added french translation - thanks to Razkar!
- added portugese translation - thanks to SpkLeader!
- added translation c# GUI - thanks to Swizzy!

Official Site: n/a, by cOz
Download: n/a (built with XDK)
Full Readme/NFO: