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Xbox Classic Games/freestyle Dash 3
« on: June 07, 2013, 10:07:00 AM »

Running Freestyle Dash 3.0 rev 735 on a RGH1 chipped Jasper console

I am running all my content at the moment from the internal HDD1.

Setup XBOX Classic Games Compatibility using hdd compat partition fixer v1 to prepare the compatibility partion and installed the XB15829 Nov 2007 Hacked version of the Xbox compatibility software.

Have extracted a few games from DVD and ISO and copied them to the following folder on the internal hard drive.

The games are installed in the following folder.
HDD1:\Xbox1/Game Title

Problem is that when I set the path where the games were installed and assign it Xbox Classic in the Freesyle Dash 3 under Manage Game Paths. Then restart the console. The classic games always show up in the Xbox 360 Games tab instead of the Xbox Classic tab which is reporting no games installed.

XBOX 360 and Arcade games show up on the correct menu tab. Just can't get the Xbox Classic games to get detected correctly as classic games instead of 360 games and show up in the correct menu.

Any Ideas on whats wrong and how do I get the Xbox Classic Games menu to correctly display the installed Xbox original games in Freestlye 3 dashboard?