Author Topic: Video Problems, There Is Audio; Tell Me What You Think The Problem Is  (Read 257 times)


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As the title says, here's the video:

(There's sound, but you don't hear it in the video since I had my headphones on.)

I'm guessing that the GPU has to be reballed, it has the x-clamp mod from the previous user (I tried tightening the screws of the GPU and CPU's heat sink and overheating the GPU by providing no cooling but nothing changed; well it did work for 30 minutes but after that it all became the same).

Also it's VGA that I'm using, but the same thing happens to composite too.

Audio always works, no red lights or anything.
Cable detection still works (no AV cable plugged in -> red lights).

Just before I get the no video problem the 360 usually restarts.
When it's working for 15 minutes (when I'm lucky) the system just restarts.

PS: Got it for $30, apparently it was working properly for the seller. Quite a bargain if you ask me, when you don't look at the video problem atleast.

If you need more info about symptoms or anything just ask.

I think it's the GPU but I never fixed a 360 before (this is my second one), yet I've been fixing computers for years so this shouldn't be too hard. Kinda fun, exploring new grounds.
If I have enough input then I'll know if I should order BGA stencils or not and fix it at the lab.