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Too Human
« on: September 12, 2008, 11:48:00 PM »

Title: Too Human
Publisher: Silicon Knights
Genre: Action/RPG/Adventure
Numer of Players: 1-2 (Online Co-Op)
ESRB: T (Teen) for Blood, Language, Mild Suggestive Themes, Violence

Too Human, a game that has been planned for 10 years, and in development for 3 years, is my latest game to have added to my gaming collection. Does it live up to its hype? Or is it a downpour of regrets and disappointments? Does it really matter?

This is the first game i have added to my collection in about 2 months (Civilization: Revolution is still on my wish list), and is a game I’ve been waiting for since the hype of it’s release built up at the 2006 E3 event so you can imagine how happy i was to finally have a copy of it in my hands.

I am currently a level 45 champion, wielding quite a nice sword (2500+ damage) and armour (1200+ total armour) as I’m quite a fan of sword combat, more than mace’s and staff’s anyway. I’ve completed the game once, and have re-run through some of the levels, both on-line and solo, to gain some experience and better equipment ( just waiting out for some rare epic armour).

As Im sure many you have heard, the camera control is horrible. You have no direct control over the camera, apart from pressing LB to center the camera or holding LB while standing still and moving the right thumbstick (RT), as the RT controls the direction of your attack along with the type of melee attack. I quite enjoyed the new combat system, it feels very unique and is very accurate while still being quite easy to use. Multiple types of guns ranging from slug pistol, laser pistols, rifles and the more powerful (but slower) cannons can be used with the Right Trigger, while the Left Trigger activates the guns special function which can be simply firing the 2nd wielded pistol, or an explosive grenade from a rifle. Other buttons control the usual things like rolling, jumping, changing view distance, and the characters special abilities.

The Skill Tree (as you may of already guessed it) is where you spend all your hard earned experience for taking down the mighty mechanized Trolls and Dark Elf’s. There are 2 sets of skill tree’s, one which varies based on your character class and one which varies based on a single decision you have to make during the campaign. The amount of skills available is decent, and the types of skills are your fairly regular things like increased damage. They also allow you to unlock, as well as upgrade, your characters special abilities.

Each character has a number of different abilities than can be used like Spider Mines, Ruiners that damage all enemies in a close radius with elemental magic, Battle Cries which temporarily boost stats and Fenrir which unleashes a sword that attacks with a mind of its own. All of these abilities will vary depending on which character class you have selected, and which skills you choose to build up on the skill tree.

Too Human features some nice graphics. There not the best I’ve seen, but everything is quite detailed. The sound featured in too human is amazing, you can hear every bullet passing by, explosions sound nice and crisp, and its all very detailed.

Overall, the game features a welcome change, has some innovative ideas and can keep you enterained for a long time while you focus on leveling up your characters and fighting along a friend in co-op. I would of liked to see a more of an expanded skill tree, along with no level cap (lvl50), and a random dungeon generator. The game just doesn’t feel polished and would of benefit from a few extra months in development, It could of been something amazing, but instead Its not in my top 10 list.


My first ever review. Taken from my blog