Author Topic: Updating Partition 2 On Off Brand Xbox 360s Hard Drive And Disappearan  (Read 885 times)


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Noticing how long and less sorted this appears, here is a short version:

-Attempted to add Original Xbox Emulation Software to offbrand 250GB Hard drive
-Added Tdbx file to Partition 2 with Xplorer 360 250GB
-Error: Cannon write cluster; clisterId 18431 is out of range
-Partition 3 no longer appears in drive viewer
-Drive is not functional in Xbox 360S

-can't get Xplorer360 extreme 2, McAfee considers it a virus and deletes
-I added an index file to Partition 2 earlier with the same method, no error appeared and the drive was fine
-I have xplorer beta6 (shows offbrand drive as empty) and xplorer 250GB(shows everything originally but had noted error)

-is extreme 2 a safe program
-what should I use for this, if the goal is to see partition 3 again
-how can I get information on these programs
-where can it be gotten safely, if such is allowable here
-how I can have partition 3 reappear

Thanks again.