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Star Wars Kotor 2
« on: February 14, 2005, 11:10:00 AM »

Title:Star wars knights of the old republic 2
Publisher:Lucas arts
Date Released:2004
Number Of players:1
System Link:no
Xbox Live Compatible:content downloads
HDTV Support:yes
5.1 Surround Sound:yes
Retail Price:$49.99

Ok first of all I want to say that this game rocks all the way to the end

Graphics:the graphics arent much different than the first one but still looks pretty good and has bad framerates the cutscenes are fantastic looking like the movies


Immersion:it is IMHO very good but again not much different from the first lots of people to talk to and it still has that card game pazzak which is fun and also swoop riding a.k.a. pod racing and you can interact with your followers more you can even convert the ones that arent jedi into one if your negotiation skills are up to the task and the skill system is just like the firstyou get points for killing things and doing little things like picking a lock


Sound:this is without a doubt thee best part about the game the tempo of the music goes right along with the story and it is magnificent to hear and the sound effects are also great lightsabers swishing and swoop racers swooping is quite fun


Design:this is where it has improved most from the first one they added onto the workbench so that you can break down the components to make whatever you want and your skills determine what you can make and you now can have different lightsaber stances which let you decide what you want to focus on with your combat for an example Soresu stance is good at deflecting blaster shots but bad at melee attacks and Shi-Sho stance is good for fighting with melee opponents but awful against blasters


I hope this will give you some insight into this game


written by JWJ