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Leisure Suite Larry Mcl
« on: October 21, 2004, 11:58:00 AM »

First and foremost i must say that this game can only truely be appreciated from a third person POV. To fully see everything this game has to offer one can not be the one playing because by playing the game you are being distracted from what is on screen as you try to complete the mini-games and what not. I first tried playing this game and i did not get very far into it because it lost it's appeal very quickly. I didn't see any of the jokes i thought i should have, and because of that i almost threw this treasure of a game out. A couple days later my girl friend picked it up and started playing it. Because she is a platform/puzzle/mini game fan she absolutely loved it. Me on the other hand i liked it so much because i got to see and hear the subtle adult humor gags that make the game so great.

Visually this game is so/so, its not on par with games like Fable, but it does its job just fine.

Sound is also so/so its clear, but it could be better.

Now im sure your thinking "why would i want to play a so/so game?" well, the reason you want to play, or better yet watch someone else play, is because the game is frikkin hillarious. If you are into potty humor, and sex humor you will love this game. Conservatives and moral people should prolly pass this one up. Nothing is better in a game then trying to get someone in the sack with you. Mix that with some mini-games and some booze, and you got solid gold!!




Because of the games appeal i give this game a 7(5 for all you conservative players). Appeal can only go so far. I love the game, but it could have been so much better as far as visual and audio goes. Story wise the game is ok, there isn't really much depth in seeing how many chicks you can get to have sex with you. I would most definetly say that this game is a rental unless you like the kind of humor i described above. If you do i would say pick it up for some cheap laughs.  The game is engrossing and entertaining at the same time.


*pics taken from*

Just a side note, for all of you who have the ability to get the little patch that was released for the game that takes out all the cheaply edited material i would most definetly go for it. It makes the game way more entertaining.

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