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Mortal Kombat Deception
« on: October 21, 2004, 11:38:00 AM »

Comming from a deep rooted history with the mortal kombat series I must say that this is for me one of the most anticipated games of the year and boy does it come through.

Graphically the game has taken subtle leaps and bounds compared to deadly alliance. It is the small things that truely make this game shine. The charecters all look amazing, the backgrounds are extremely detaild down to the last brick. This game leaves no stone unturned when it comes to visuals. The game really leaves the player with nothing to gripe about visually.


Gameplay wise all you fans of deadly alliance will feel totally at home even if you are playing the game for the first time. The game plays almost exactly like the other one except for the fact that the control is actually a lot more tighter. In Deadly Alliance my biggest complaint was that at times when trying to do style branch combo's the control would go all sloppy and messy. Well apparently my prayers were heard, because that it seems is something of the past. The only time control kind of goes sloppy is when the player is in the konquest mode, but that is acceptable because one can not expect complete perfection with a game this massive. Another great addition to the game is the fact that many of the levels are multi level'd. Taking a hint from the DOA series MK has decided to add a bit more depth to itself and add more levels and broaden the playing field. A player can go from a roof top battle, knock his opponent off of the roof and end up plaing in a court yard or something fun like that. This addition to the game has added a lot more depth and strategy to the series.

Now, with all that being said, there is one gigantic problem with the game. As of now i am sure that many of you gamers out there have played DA and while playing DA you all came across the little bugs and glitches that allowed an AI charecter on 25% difficulty to beat the living snot out of you. Well, in Deception they fixed those minor things, but as they fixed that they left more minor annoyances. My biggest gripe with the game (in the grand scale of things this is nothing) is the fact that the AI can, for lack of better words, trap you in a cycle of low attacks that for some reason the player can not break. All kidding aside i played the game for hours, and every-once-in-a-while the AI would just trap me in this low attack cycle where when i would block the AI wouldn't attack, but the very second i came out of a block they would already be in mid swing. It was as if the AI knew when i took my finger off the button. This has not been a freak occurance by any means. This has happened to me repeatedly over and over again. The good thing is as fast as it comes it goes, so once you get past that round or whatnot you will be right back on track.

As for sound, the game is packing just a hair better quality sound. One might say "well if its only a hair better, whats the big deal?" well in the world of sound just a hair is a might big thing. Grunts, footsteps, screams, taunts, background noises, these all come through with complete crystal clearity. For someone who is still rocking the mono T.V. (like myself) this really doesn't mean anything. To fully appreciate the beauty of the sound you really must play it on a surround sound system, or do what i did and take it to a friends and play it on their's.


As in DA Deception comes complete with a training mode (konquest) except this time the player is not thrown into a stereotypically training situation, the player is put into the shoes of an MK-D charecter as a child. This time around the training mode is a game within itself as it borrows the theme of an RPG, thats right an rpg. Players are allowed to take the control of this new charecter and go on missions and quest all while attaining new fighting skills and climbing ranks among warriors from all walks of life. This addition to the game is a very welcome and entertaining one.


The next big installment to the game is the Pullze Fighter mini-game. This game is much like the Puzzle fighter game that the street fighter charecters were involved in awhile back. It is a very fun way to kill some time. The game borrows many aspect from games like tetris and tetris attack (awsome game by the way). The object is to clear all your blocks (and do it with style) while your charecter does battle with either your opponent or the AI. I first started playing this game and the next thing i knew 2 hours had gone by. This game is very fun and very entertaining. Unfortunetly i have not had a chance to get to the chess mini game, but from what i have heard it is also very entertaining.


As a bonus for all you collecters out there the game comes in 3 differant special addition cases.

This has been just a basic review, because i want everyone to go out and try this game. This game is definetly worth a buy. Rent it if you must, but seriously go out and buy this game. All the extra's and the mini-games make this title worth all 50$ of the dollars spent on it. Bottom line i give this game a 9.5, it is near perfection, but not quite there yet.

*All screens taken from gametop, ebgames, ocgn*

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