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Title: Http://
Post by: controller-guy on February 04, 2009, 09:01:00 PM has sold me junk and ripped me off as it has been almost 2 months now and they have not replied to any emails they have not sent me any replacements and they also have not refunded me anything.

I dunno if X-S is protecting this scammer for some odd reason as I have attempted to post a compliant multiple times and I did add the order number and all the other required info to post a complait and X-S has ignored and not posted any of the 3 complaints made over weeks time for each one.

I am making this post to let others know that there a rip off company and not to use them anymore I have ordered multiplae times in the past year or so ago and everything was great they responded to an questions the same day usually within a few hours but this time around it took over a month almost two only to recieve a damaged item with no response at all no refund and no exchange I was sent junk and all of the sudden they no longer respond to anything so I had to reorder with another comapny and let all the others know that I use to suggest them to foundmy now to now never ever even bother with foundmy again as they decided they would turn over to scammers all of the sudden.

X-S if your protecting them becuase there a sponsor of some type that is total crap becuase there a scammer company and dont belong anywhere around members here unless you like them scamming others so you get your sponsor donations.

If I am wrong on that I apoligize but I dont get why my compalint post went ignored 3 times on a confirmed rip-off company with all the proof and info needed and posted all 3 times that went ignored.
Title: Http://
Post by: xboxgamer733 on February 08, 2009, 12:31:00 AM
Xbox-Scene does not play 'favorites' with any sites, whether they are a sponsor of us or not. If a site or service starts adopting less-than-professional business practices, we will not prevent that information from becoming public.

It looks like not all of your posts contained your order number, which most likely [wrongly] prevented them from being approved. However, I merged your posts together for better topic flow, and so your full story is viewable by other members more easily.

In the future, if you have a matter of relatively high importance that you'd like to see resolved, feel free to send a message to any head moderator. We will respond to your questions or concerns as soon as possible.