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Title: To Anyone Who Has A Sony Tv Look Here...
Post by: tristanx on April 03, 2010, 04:43:00 PM
check these websites to see if you have a possible warranty issue including a Blue Blob or Burned Lamp Door:

the Blue Blob is an Optical Block issue

the Burned Lamp Door can be accessedd from the front of your tv depending on the model you purchased. see your operating manual for this.

(note: the burned lamp door warranty has been extended to march 31 2011)

sony's site for the model numbers involved:;mdl=KF50WE610

Independent site(s) for information:

the proceeding is just a heads up for you. i own a sony tv that has a burned lamp door and was never told about it even though my wife did register the tv when we bought it. there was no recall either.  grr.gif

for those who need a facebook page for some other info go here:


also, and i can't stress this enough.
before you call sony check all the websites listed and research as much information as possible.