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« on: October 14, 2003, 06:47:00 AM »

I finally took the plunge and went TSOP, i'm so happy wit it, now i have my bios makiing the xbox logo all blue and i applied the TruBlue Dash patch, it looks great... i just wanna say that now that i know how to solder and do this, why even exploit??? TSOP is great for me because i dont even plan on using live, and if i did i could use a switch... I just wanna say thanx to everybody from Xantium to MOrden to Gcue and every mod and user at xboxscene forums that has helped...  hell the whole phoenix team and Free-X and the dude Habibi and Bunnie and everybody thats ever written a tut or put in time to code a homebrew app or anything to help out the scene.  Thanx alot everybody!!!! beerchug.gif  beerchug.gif  beerchug.gif  beerchug.gif  beerchug.gif  beerchug.gif